"Be Humble Enough To Model Success."

This title is a snippet pulled from the body of last weeks post 5 Uncomfortable Actions That Salespeople Need To Do Comfortably.  It just continued to resonate in my mind throughout the week. Believe me, I am with you when I say this is hard to do. The salesperson ego is fragile, ha! And this is a small shot at that ego BUT I will contend a worthwhile one.

Let's be honest. Modeling a colleague's behavior, preparation, actions whatever it is, well, it's a challenge.  However if that individual is yielding the results you want then it's probably a good idea to adopt some of that knowledge.  Heck, I don't care if you keep it to yourself or tell the world - just consider doing it.  Everybody has their own unique style, I get that.  That's what makes you, you and there in lies your difference - the key factor - to being even better.

This isn't some new and innovative idea. Companies, people, athletes have been doing this FOREVER - the examples are endless. Facebook needed mySpace, Google needed Yahoo, LinkedIn needed Monster, CareerBuilder, Hotjobs - have you ever heard of CitySearch, nope me neither, but you've probably heard of Yelp! This is known as the power of the second mover. You don't need to be the first to come up with an idea, strategy, or game plan. You need to be humble enough to model success.