#9 - 12 Breadcrumbs That Might Help You Find Your Way

In this episode of the It’s Not What It Seems podcast, I’ll talk about 12 things I do every single day that help me embrace my imperfections. The world wants us to blend in rather than stand out. The world is begging us to be relevant rather than remembered. This overwhelming pressure rests on the idea of perfection. From what I’ve seen though, the most successful and creative people in the world are remembered not because they achieved perfection, but instead because they’ve learned to embrace their imperfections in meaningful ways. They say, success leaves breadcrumbs. Well, success has many definitions. But it’s my hope these breadcrumbs will inspire you to embrace your imperfections, and take pride in doing things just a little differently.

You can follow along with this audio article here on #DVblog: http://bit.ly/12breadcrumbs


Learn more about the Newport Folk Festival: http://www.newportfolk.org/

Watch Margo Price’s performance: http://bit.ly/MargoPriceTheKing

Watch Jason Isbell and Amanda Shire’s performance: http://bit.ly/IsbellfeatShires

My favorite notepad for ideas: http://bit.ly/NotepadMoleskine

My favorite journal for memories: http://bit.ly/MemoriesJournal

My favorite daily planner: http://bit.ly/FavDailyPlanner

Why sleep consistency is important: http://bit.ly/SleepConsistencyStudy


Sam Walton: Made in America by Sam Walton: http://bit.ly/WaltonMadeinAmerica

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