#39 - John Crowley: A Conversation About Selling

In this episode of the, It’s Not What It Seems podcast, I have a fun conversation with John Crowley. John is the author of Knuckle Dragging Sales: A Primitive Process to Make More Money. Our conversation touched on various aspects from John’s inspiring life, including beating cancer, quitting drinking, and selling like a caveman. John is a coach, mentor, speaker, and host of his own podcast, the Knuckle Dragging Sales Podcast, where he talks shop with sales leaders and professionals across the country. He helps sellers take it back to the roots of selling, and like me, he’s a big believer in practicality and simplicity. John is someone who I consider to be not only a colleague and a friend, but a true inspiration. I think you’ll see why pretty quickly.

Fun fact - We’ve actually only had one other episode on sales through the entire history of It’s Not What It Seems (Episode #8 with Ryan Serhant).

In this conversation, we’ll discuss:

  • The best thing to do in Nashville that nobody’s heard of (3:40)

  • John’s advice for care-givers and people dealing with cancer (12:32)

  • Strategies for quitting drinking (15:09)

  • The three key attributes of a knuckle dragging salesperson (20:41)

  • The key tactic to never worrying about your sales quota (28:34)

  • The problem with priorities (32:20)

  • Why teamwork so important in sales (47:47)



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