NEW Book Club for 2019

Here's the scoop on the new book club for 2019.

Right now, the book club is two people, my oldest brother Darron and I. He's always been a big fiction reader, but he wanted to incorporate more non-fiction reading into his life. Since that’s pretty much all I read, this was as close to a light-bulb moment as it gets. It seemed like a great foundation for a book club, and voilà. The format will be simple.

  1. Select one non-fiction book a month

  2. Write down what we liked, questions for each other, and of course, anything that ended up being "not what it seems"

  3. Don't talk to each other about the book until step 4

  4. Get together and chat about the book

Even better, though, we're going to play this whole thing out live. We're going to record our conversation and publish a monthly episode on It's Not What It Seems. You'll be able to read along with us all year. At the end of each conversation, we'll reveal next months book of the month. I’ll also be revealing the book of the month on my reading list.

Each book will be chosen for a reason. If we have a challenging book one month, perhaps we do something a little easier to read the next month. Or maybe, we think one book might follow another well. We’ll definitely be looking to mix it up.

There's nothing formal you have to do. You can tune in, not tune in, read, not read, read some months, and not others. The option is all yours. If you do read along all year, you'll read 12 books, and it will likely change your perspective. It might even change your life. That's the interesting thing about learning and knowledge. Once you know, you can't "not know." The learning just starts compounding, book after book, and you start to make connections on things you didn’t even know existed.

The book of the month for January 2019:

21 Lessons for the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari

The episode will be airing on the last Sunday of every month, which means January 27 this month. So get reading!

Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback. I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you’re planning to read along.