July 2017 Reading List

Summer's in mid-swing and 2017 is racing.  Absolutely crazy I know, but there's a silver lining. August gives you a great opportunity to perform a self-audit - personally and professionally.  It leaves you with enough time remaining to redirect the ship or double down on what's been working.

Before we move on with the reading list.  I want to give you TWO updates I have in the works for the back half of 2017...

  1. I recently finished my 1st manuscript.  It's currently with my editor now - SUPER excited - and I can't wait to share more with you in the near future.
  2. I will be doing a Facebook Live Show starting in August.  It will run every week, same day, and same time.  Ultimately, YOU will be the deciding factor how long it runs - Ha! 

Okay, here's my July 2017 Reading List...

*All titles are clickable.



1.) Nudge - Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

"The first misconception is that it is possible to avoid influencing people's choices."

Thaler, one of the worlds most prominent behavioral economists and Sunstein, former-Head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs combine for a book that easily deserves the number 1 spot this month.  It's an intriguing look at how daily "nudges" shape our decisions - knowingly or unknowingly.  Most importantly, they show you how to become better choice architects to help others make better decisions.  They challenge societal assumptions - people always know what's best for them and more choices are better - by proving to you influence isn't about coercion.


2.) Play It Away - Charlie Hoehn

"Play, it seemed, had the power to make our work easier, faster, and more enjoyable."

I may or may not deal with anxiety. I don't say that to hide it. I say it because I don't really know.  I've never been diagnosed. I just know, at times, I feel the "pressure" - work, family, friends. I stumbled upon this book listening to one of my favorite podcasts. And, I was happy I did. Hoehn shares how he beat one of the darkest times in his life by simply learning how to embrace more "play."  It's a quick read that inspires you reunite with your youth and have fun.  I recommend this book to anyone feeling trapped at times. It's possible your window of relief has been with you all along.


3.) Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey Moore

“Entering the mainstream market is an act of burglary, of breaking and entering, of deception, often even of stealth.”

Moore writes this book addressing the high-tech market, but I'd argue you can apply the same ideology to any industry.  His chasm model serves as - somewhat - a marketing industry standard to showcase the customer adoption cycle for a product or service.  If you're looking to go from visionary buyers and early adopters into mainstream markets, then perhaps there's not a better resource for you.  If not, then you really just have to enjoy reading about sales, marketing, or business to find value.  


4.) Launch - Jeff Walker

“If you want to make your business and your marketing memorable, then your marketing needs to tell a story.” 

Walker is sort of an internet marketing legend.  He popularized Product Launch Formula.  It's a step by step process that shows you how to launch a product, service, business, or really anything for that matter online.  Walker has worked with big names like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Brandon Burchard and thousands have adopted his system.  I've only been truly embracing online marketing for about a year, so I considered this a must read.  It's one of those foundational reads in understanding a specific skill set in the post-2010 era.


5.) Published - Chandler Bolt

"Done is better than perfect."

After I finished my manuscript, I read this book strictly out of utility.  Bolt is a bestselling self-published author teaching people how to self-publish, market, and sell their book.  Unless you're intending to write a book, you probably will not get much value with this one.  If you are, then this is as good a starting point as any.  



Please reach out to me if you'd like a personal book recommendation based on your interests, desires, and/or situation.

Comments, suggestions, and feedback are ALWAYS welcome.

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