November 2017 Reading List

Happy Friday! I'm going to be switching up the "Reading List" just a little bit.  Moving forward, I'll only be providing three titles each month.  Honestly, I think TOP 3 just sounds better, no? Plus, I like doing things in threes, it's simpler, and easier to consume.

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(There will plenty more to come on January 2018 release date, info, etc.)

Okay, here's my November 2017 Reading List...

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1.) MANS SEARCH FOR MEANING – Viktor E. Frankl

“I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the east coast should be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the west coast."

After you’ve consistently read and heard about one specific book impacting so many people, eventually you have to read it. And, I’m not sure why I waited so long. Frankl, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor shares a riveting, enduring, and unhinging account of his time in four concentration camps. As the book progresses, he switches gears to focus on logotherapy - the pursuit of meaning in your life - and the therapy method he would go on to practice for years.

I love his idea of “paradoxical intention” or the act of reversing your intention to get your originally intended outcome. Let's say you're trying to fall asleep. Your intended outcome is sleeping. Since attention breeds neuroses.  He suggests, "Try to stay up instead." Hm, I like it. But, this book offers WAY more than tactile advice. It makes you question both freedom and responsibility. It makes you realize if you have a why to live for then you can bare almost any how. It’s reminds you that pain, guilt, or death can be harnessed. And, leveraged to propel great achievements.


2.) THE MIND-GUT CONNECTION – Emeran Mayer, M.D.

"The mind-body connection is real."

Have you long wondered what that “gut” feeling really meant? I have. Or, maybe you’re someone who listens strongly to your “gut” decisions? You may have been on to something along. Mayer has been researching brain-body interactions for forty years. For years, people dismissed this interaction. At least from a physiological standpoint. Now, the science is catching up to it’s critics.

Mayer combines data and real life examples from his practice of people who suffer from brain-gut deficiencies – anxiety, depression, constipation, etc - to prove his point. Throughout he sprinkles how to advice on keeping your brain-gut axis healthy. But, if you make it to the end he sums it all up for you with a machine gun style actionable list. You might be surprised at what you find out.


3.) STEAL THE SHOW – Michael Port

“If you are always talking, you aren’t reacting. And our reactions are hugely powerful aspects of communication.”

Michael Port is a world renown speaker, or performer as he would call it. He's also former actor, author of six books, and performance coach. You might expect this book to only be for aspiring or existing “speakers” but I think its highly applicable to for anyone. We all have times in our life we NEED to come up BIG for a job interview, sales presentation, or maybe that one vital "turning point" conversation.

Port uses a seven step process to deliver any performance, Steal The Show. He combines tactical “how to…” advice for defeating speaking anxiety, finding your voice, improvising, rehearsing, openings, closings, room management, etc. An easy read that could be impactful as a starting point or extension to improving your communication.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like a personal book recommendation based on your interests, desires, and/or situation.

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