#12 - don Miguel Ruiz Jr: An Ancient Philosophy for Modern Times

In this episode of the It’s Not What It Seems podcast, I have a spiritual conversation with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. Miguel Jr is a teacher and author of the book don Miguel Ruiz’s Little Book of Wisdom: The Essential Teachings. Maybe the name sounds familiar. He is the son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of the iconic book, The Four Agreements, which has inspired and impacted millions of people around the world.

At the age of 14, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. apprenticed to his father don Miguel Sr. and his grandmother, Madre Sarita. From that early age, he was called upon to translate Madre Sarita's work from Spanish into English. This constant repetition and review, helped him learn the content of her teachings in both languages. Through interpreting for Madre Sarita, Miguel Jr. saw first-hand how she manifested her intent to heal people, both physically and spiritually.        

His apprenticeship lasted 11 years. When he reached his mid-20's, his father intensified his training. At the apex of this power journey don Miguel said to him, "Find your way out. Go home and master death by becoming alive."       

For the past eight years, Miguel Jr. has taken the lessons of his father and grandmother and discovered his own personal freedom. Being able to apply his teachings to the world around him gave Miguel Jr. a new understanding of the lessons his father and grandmother had passed onto him, once again giving him the desire to pass on his beliefs. He now passes along the wisdom and the tools of his family's traditions to help others to achieve their own optimal physical and spiritual health.                                                                                 

In this conversation, we’ll discuss:

  • What is toltec philosophy, and what it is not (4:45)

  • How we might have corrupted the story of Santa Claus (13:34)

  • Why defining “meaning” might be the most critical part in communication (16:38)

  • The major agreements (not conditions) in toltec philosophy (20:33)

  • The importance of the “truth” and what you should do once you recognize it (26:58)

  • How he’s actually changed one of his Dad’s famous four agreements (33:35)

  • The key question you have to answer if you find yourself in a negative situation (35:41)

  • Why skepticism can be very powerful (41:18)


Read don Miguel Ruiz’s Little Book of Wisdom: http://bit.ly/dMRJrLittleBook
Connect with don Miguel Ruiz Jr at his website: http://www.miguelruizjr.com/
Check out Miguel Sr’s website: http://www.miguelruiz.com/
Connect with don MIguel Ruiz Jr on Instagram: http://bit.ly/DMRJrInsta


The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz: http://bit.ly/The4AgreementsDMR
Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: http://bit.ly/LoveinCholera
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (a book that’s changed don Miguel’s thinking): http://bit.ly/HamiltonBioChernow
Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin: http://bit.ly/LincolnTeamofRivals
John Adams by David McCullough: http://bit.ly/AdamsMcCullough
1493 by Charles Mann: http://bit.ly/1493Mann
1491 by Charles Mann: http://bit.ly/1491Mann

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