#23 - Jay Acunzo: Why Context Matters More Than Anything

In this episode of It’s Not What It Seems, I have an entertaining conversation with Jay Acunzo. Jay is the author of the brand new book, Break the Wheel: Question Best Practices, Hone Your Intuition, and Do Your Best Work. He’s served as a digital media strategist at Google and held multiple leadership positions at high-growth technology companies, including HubSpot. He spent three years as VP of Brand for the venture capital firm NextView before founding Unthinkable Media, which creates original series with B2B brands. He’s been named to Boston’s “50 on Fire” list and has been cited in the New York Times, The Washington Post, FastCompany, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and more. Jay currently writes the weekly newsletter “Damn the Best Practices,” hosts his narrative-style podcast Unthinkable, and travels the world as a keynote speaker.

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In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Key lessons Jay learned earlier in his career (7:08)

  • The benefits our creating a personal advisory board (20:36)

  • Why context matters more than anything (24:16)

  • The three things you must know better than anything about your context (26:33)

  • Questions that you should be answering about those three things (34:25)

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