#35 - Why I Do What I Do

In this episode of the, It’s Not What It Seems podcastI share an audio article titled, Why I Do What I Do: A Manifesto. I wrote this article to help you understand my sole intention behind why I write my books and articles (and do this show.) Okay, I'll spoil it. I write to help you to think differently, live better, and be more open-minded. Why? We are all held captive by our own perspective. While there's great power in this, there's also a major downside. It’s far too often and frequently we become siloed in our opinions, beliefs, and tribes. I believe this to be the most detrimental thing in our lives. In the article, I’ll explain what matters most to me and share some important stories to articulate concepts I champion. It's a manifesto!

This will be the last audio article episode on the show. Moving forward, the only episodes will be author interviews and book of the month chats with my brother. I thought this would be a good one to end on.

You can follow this audio article word for word at douglasvigliotti.com/blog/whyIdowhatIdo.

Here’s more on the Book Club for 2019: http://douglasvigliotti.com/blog/bookclub

Here’s the May 2019 Book of the Month - Just Kids by Patti Smith: http://bit.ly/justkidspattismith



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