#43 - David JP Fisher: How to Not Suck at Networking

In this episode of the, It’s Not What It Seems podcast, I have a down to earth conversation with David JP Fisher. D. Fish has written nine books including the best-sellers Hyper Connected Selling, Networking in the 21st Century, and most recently he released the 2nd edition of Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn. And given how integral this platform has become in the lives of so many professionals, I thought it would make a great conversation.

D. Fish is also the host of Beer, Beats, & Business, a podcast that provides listeners access  to conversations with entrepreneurs, salespeople, business owners, writers, and others who are leading their industries. He’s a sought after speaker teaching people how to become “sales sherpas,” or easier put–how to guide clients through the buying journey. So whether it’s speaking, training, coaching, or writing his focus is to help professionals be better professionals. 

In this conversation, we’ll discuss: 

  • What networking is and isn’t (12:57)

  • D. Fish’s advice for offline-line networking (18:38)

  • The best ways to spend your time on LinkedIn (25:43)

  • How to get your content seen more on LinkedIn (30:51)

  • Why it’s important to write online the way you speak offline (38:15)



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