Before You're A Good Salesperson, Be A Good Person

In our culture salespeople have been battling a bad wrap for decades.  It's a career and skill set that's assumed to hinge on lying, deceit, and quick-wit.  Like most thing's in life, there's more than meets the eye.  Unfortunately, the majority of people choose to not seek comprehension.  It's not their fault we all do it.  It's requires signicantly less work to assume.  However, this surface level assessment couldn't be farther from the truth (in quality salespeople.)  They believe first and foremost, BE A GOOD PERSON.

As salespeople it's our responsibility to understand this very real societal assumption exists. Yes, we have to take responsibility for it.  Otherwise, your lack of awareness will be your downfall. Sorry, it's what you signed up for.  We are fighting an uphill battle everyday.  Which means people, yes, even our customers are commonly looking for a way to pin that assumption on you. It's just easier for them, the association has been conditioned by society.  Don't let it happen, BE A GOOD PERSON.

I'd recommend, CHOOSING to view this positively, not as a victim.  It is an opportunity to stand out, showcase our character, provide unique value, and be an asset to our customers.  This set's you up for long term success rather than short term gain.  So before you're a good salesperson, BE A GOOD PERSON.

Happy Selling!