6 Things Salespeople Should Never Do

Personally I always found it useful to consider things I should NEVER do as much as things I should ALWAYS do AND since I love you I figured I'd share my personal "never" list with you! So avoid doing these things at all cost, ha! These are easy ways to prevent you from both growing and winning consistently.

  1. Never allow yourself to feel someone else's success inhibits your success. There is no shortage on success.
  2. Never allow failure to be viewed negatively. Link failure with learning.
  3. Never act for today with disregard for tomorrow.
  4. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
  5. Never assume people understand. Always explain. (Personally I struggle with this one but I try to combat this with a high level of transparency, its a battle!)
  6. Never EVER forget to follow up. Super, super important.

I like putting together takeaway lists. Let me know if you find this list useful and impactful. If so I will try to incorporate more lists into the blog. Crush the day!