The Image Post

Okay so I've had this thought in my mind for a long time and I think this is one of the most powerful posts I've written to date. Why? Because PERCEPTION IS REALITY. We all know it but sometimes we neglect it. Just look at the image below. I'm not playing tricks on you, it's only clothes and no I'm not taking selfies to show off my outfits, although more power to you if that's what your into, ha. I love clothes, style, and fashion but let's get back to the point. It's meant to be a visual, an illustration of the truth. What I'm saying is that in both photo's I am the SAME person. The same mind, same experience, same knowledge, same personality, same mirror, same EVERYTHING yet I get received completely different depending on what I am actually wearing. Right or wrong, its the truth!

Let me bring this full circle. Your appearance matters! Please, please, please understand that. Don't be that naive person who says, I am who I am and appearance doesn't matter to me. Guess what? It matters to the rest of the world. That person may actually not care about their appearance but they should understand and be AWARE of the message they are sending to the world. I'm not saying be Mr. or Mrs. best dressed but what I am saying is be aware your appearance sends WAVES. You don't have to even say a word and people see, think, and feel differently about you depending on your attire. I don't care what you wear, I just encourage you to care! Be aware. Otherwise you're missing a great opportunity.