Rule #1...Set RULES!

In last Thursday's post The Best Way(s) to Keep the Ball in Your Court I promised to briefly elaborate on the suggested way(s). Let's tackle way #1 - SET RULES at first engagement in the sales process. If done properly rules are collaborative therefore they will ensure you don't look, feel, or act like a jackass, ha! Okay, relax I'm kidding but seriously who likes feeling awkward, unwanted, and annoying? Yeah, I thought so - me neither! Here's a few rule suggestions.

  1. Define why you're starting this process with this particular solution - be crystal clear.
  2. Define your process, how, when, and why YOU intend to follow up - ask for objections.
  3. Define a deadline that works for both parties - work towards it. (Ensures a yes/no result which is critical - hey, nobody says you can't revisit later.)

Rules set boundaries. Check in tomorrow to find out why boundaries are so critical and why they closely relate to way #2 - AVOID giving up control in the sales process.